Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jesus in the House-Gospel Reflections on Christ Presence in the Home
by Allan F. Wright
Excellent for Families, Small Groups-Complete with Prayers, Quotes, Reflection Questions and Chapter Challenges at the end of each chapter to put these lessons into practice today!
Available this January 2007 from St. Anthony Messenger Press

At Home with Jesus

So much of Jesus' ministry took place in the homes and houses of his first disciples and the inhabitants of the Holy Land. 99 times the word house is used by the Gospel writers and home is mentioned about 30 times. How different would our homes be if Jesus was present through word and deed. Our homes still need his teaching, forgiving, healing and meals shared around the table. Faith, after all, is often more caught than taught. From Mary's magnificat proclaimed in the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth to the disciples eyes being opened around a table in Emmaus the home plays a significant role throughout the Gospels stories. How is Christ present in your home? Is he a welcome guest? It may be a good idea to listen to the Gospels stories with an ear for the events that take place in the home and as a family consider how that may impact your family. When Jesus touched a person he touched a family. Let us not forget that even those little things we do for others not only impact them but also their family.