Monday, June 23, 2008

1st Prize "Jesus in the House" by the Catholic Press Association of USA and Canada

I was pleased to receive a letter from St Anthony Messenger Press on June 2, 2008 informing me that my book, Jesus in the House, was awarded 1st Prize in the Family Life Category for the 2008 book awards. I honestly didn't know I was in the running but it's nice be recognized for doing something I like to do. Hopefully it will be a benefit to families trying to live out the faith in the home.

The link to the CPA winners for 2008

Great seats with great guys for the wrong team!

Well, I finally sat in the best seats ever at a professional baseball game; front row behind the dugout.
Now my friend Henry and his 2 boys were generous enough to ask me to go and the 300 pictures that I took were pretty good if I say so myself and attest to the fact that it was a great game, 12-11 Yank win. My friend Fr. Chern, devoted Yankees fan mentioned that, "No way did I deserve THOSE seats to THAT game." I can't argue with him. However, with great company and great seats even the Yankees didn't seem so obnoxious that day.

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