Sunday, November 18, 2007

One of my favorite Drives...Plainfield to the Bronx with Sister Nirmala MC

I received a call on Saturday, November 17th, to drive Sr. Nirmala MC, the successor to Mother Teresa, from Plainfield to the Bronx. I felt it was an opportunity of a lifetime and a highlight of my ministry be a chaufeur for this Missionary of Charity. My wife and 2 small children drove over to Plainfield, we took 2 cars so they could go home after meeting Sr. Nirmala, and were invited to join in the evening prayers with the sisters. Many who have seen Sr. Nirmala know that she is no more than 4' 10" at most and quiet unassuming. After prayers ended we stayed in the chapel to be with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament while the sisters in formation had the chance to say their goodbyes to the head of the MC's and to receive a little present from her. Not only was I driving Sr. Nirmala to their house in the Bronx but I also was driving Sr. Assumpta MC -Head of the Contemplative Branch, Sr. Mary Ann-in charge of the Contemplative house in the Bronx and also Sr. Jeylenya-Head of the Contemplative house in San Diego. I've had the chance to know these sisters through my teaching at their house of formation in Plainfield and it was PURE JOY to be able to be with them. As we started out drive Sister Nirmala suggessted that we pray the Rosary so off we went. Then the sisters were asking about myself and family and teaching and they asked me to tell a Biblical Story from my first book. YIKES, talk about being put on the spot and of all people to be telling a Scripture story too. Well, Sr. Mary Ann suggested the 4 friends of the paralytic so I'm pretty obediant and told it like I was there. I then asked Sr. Nirmala about her first meeting with Mother Teresa and it was beautiful-there we were on the NJ Turnpike about to enter the GW Bridge and she is recalling her first meeting with Mother Teresa. Well, we arrived safe and it was nice reconnecting with some of the sisters who I knew from Plainfield and after a brief stop at the chapel I was on my way.