Monday, May 25, 2009

Allan's 'Jesus in the House" interview clip on YOUTUBE

It's under 2 minutes but gives you a 'taste' of what the book is about. Thanks Fr. Lou Scurtti

Friday, May 08, 2009

Fr. Jim Chern's Homilies online....great resource

Check his site out - I always find a spiritual nuggent or two and he always makes me think.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Praying with the Contemplative Branch of the Missionaries of Charity

In addition to my teaching HS and speaking engagements I teach the Missionaries of Charity Sisters, (Mother Teresa's Sister's) in Plainfield, NJ each Thursday afternoon. I try to make it there every 3 or 4 weeks with my family for evening prayer and Adoration with the Sisters who welcome us and everyone with open arms and a big smile.

I have been taking my HS students there the past three years as well to give them a taste of contemplative prayer, contact with the MC sisters, silence and most importantly JESUS! I was able to bring about 16 of my students on May 7th for evening prayer and afterwards a 'meet and greet' with the Sisters. Its a wonderful experience and to my never ending surprise my students really like it!

The peace and joy of the Sisters in the Eucharistic presence of Jesus is a perfect combination. Pray that it will bear fruit in the lives of these young people.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Want to $ave Lot$ of Ca$h????

I learned about this site through a good friend of mine who works for the Church / Ministry like me and has a few kids at home and is looking to save a few dollars. Well, it seems that you can save a lot more than a few dollars. Check out the website below for the details and hear how Melissa is making ends meet. She's been a good friend to me for years and the site id definitely worth a look!!
I walked into Safeway with $15 in catalinas, spent $1.40 in cash and walked out of Safeway with 66 items worth $186.51 and with $15.25 in catalinas in my wallet.Totaling my receipts since the Living Well promo began I have received $1340.90 worth of groceries. I have spent $37.42 out of pocket and still have $15.25 in catalinas to spend in the store. I also have received $18 in free gas on a gift card to BP gas stations. If you subtract the catalinas and free gas from my out of pocket expenses, it brings the actual total down to $4.17!