Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reaching Africa and the World at Assumption College for Sisters

Last Saturday, May 18, I went to the graduation of 14 Religious Sisters from various congregations at Assumption College for Sisters in Mendham, NJ. It was a beautiful ceremony with Bishop Donato offering a few words and closing with Benediction. But more importantly is the spirit and life witness of these women from Africa and Vietnam who grace ACS with their lives and faith in Jesus. At ACS they receive a two year degree before moving on to other colleges to complete their education in education and health care. Then, its back to their home countries to bring their knowledge to the people who so desperately need their care, service and love.
I've been fortunate to have been an Adjunct Professor at ACS and will be teaching their this Fall a course in the letters of St. Paul. What strikes me most is the stories that these women share about the situations and people they minister too in their homeland. Persecution in Vietnam and poverty, AIDS and hardship in Africa. Separated from family these women bring back hope to their communities and offer year of service to the people and that in the end is what it is all about...love.
ACS is run by the Sisters of Christian Charity who have opened their doors and hearts to these Sisters and are in fact touching the and impacting the world.
Visit their website http://www.acs350.org/ for more info and ways to support. All the funding for the Sisters education, about $8000 a year per Sister, is from fund raising.