Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wonderful Book by James Martin SJ "My Life with the Saints"

I first spotted this book while at the The Newman Center at Montclair State University. Fr. Jim Chern has brought a number of books for the center and that one caught my eye. I then saw the author on Comedy Central's Colbert and thought he stood his ground pretty well. Anyway, the book focuses on some canonized Saints such as Mary, St. Peter, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Little Flower, St. Charles Lwanga as well as some others like Pope John XXIII, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton. Fr. Martin's writing is easy to digest as he talks about these Saints as his friends that have helped him during different stages of his formation He intertwines the lives of these Saints and their struggles, chrism's and conversion with his own experiences. I highly recommend it. For myself it was nice to be reacquainted with Merton, Dorothy Day and St. Francis along with other Saints whom I knew very little about. He cuts though some of the popular 'myths' and stereotypes that have evolved over the years and focuses on when the person meets Christ and how that encounter changes the person forever. It's an easy read and each of the 17 chapters is 20-40 pages.

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