Thursday, May 10, 2007

Theology on Tap Allan, Fr. Chern and Fr. Sheridan at Just Jakes in Montclair

Theology on Tap has been gaining popularity in the North East after originating in Chicago 20 or so years ago. I've had the opportunity to present at 7 or 8 Theology on Tap sessions the past two years and it's an excellent way to reach out to the 20-40 year old crowd in an atmosphere that fosters dialogue and connects young adults with each other in a faith filled environment. One of the keys to having a successful TOT evening is by having young adults in various parishes sponsor the evening together. The idea of placing an add in the bulletin and expecting people to show doesn't work. How do you like to be invited to an event? Most people respond much more positively to a personal invitation and then they liked to be acknowledged when they arrive; hospitality plays a big part in connecting them to others and to the faith. Those that do the inviting are stepping out in faith and, for myself, is more exciting that the speaker itself. As they say, if you want the fruit you have to go out on a limb.


Sam said...

I was there! I think the picture cut me off, too bad. Anyway, you mentioned you had a website so I wanted to look you up and here I am. Your talk was truly inspiring, you opened my mind to so many different ideas. My books have been ordered, I can't wait to get them in the mail! Best wishes

Jenny said...

Think you'll be coming south any time soon? I'm a littler farther down in jersey, hope to see ya soon! Loved the books