Monday, April 16, 2007

Mass Communicating!

I liked the movie, 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' and loved the soundtrack even better. There is a part where the Governor speaks at a rinky dink, 'hick' radio station in the South and as they approach the station the Governor turns and say's something to the effect of, 'Now, were mass communicating!'
While I'm a bit more comfortable on stage in front of people when I speak there is an interesting dynamic about doing radio interviews which forces you to think on your feet as it were and respond to questions that you don't necessaritly know are coming. If anyone is interested you can listen to 2 interviews I've done recent;y for the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ and one for the radio station KVSS in Omaha, Nebraska.
I'm scheduled to be on EWTN's Catholic Answer's on June 8th which is broadcast on over 100 stations. Metuchen, NJ Omaha Catholic Answers Live June 8th EWTN Radio

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Jose said...

I'll be listening in june 8th, thanks for posting in advance, I've missed radio interviews of you in the past. Congrats on the new book, I just finished the first one, it was great.