Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Favorite site for organization and trying to GET THINGS DONE

The Daily Saint
A Productivity Blog Focusing on Work-Life Balance
Mike St. Pierre has created an oasis on the web for busy families, busy professionals and for people who want to get things done yet somehow the time slips away. What I enjoy about Mike's site is that the principles and advice he gives come from a number of sources and they are practical. I feel as though I can pick and choose the articles and advice that pertains to me and my schedule.
I don' want to confuse activity with accomplishment and The Daily Saint helps me put my time and effort where I will see the fruit of my labor.
In ministry settings I have found that people don't get back to you, don't respond promptly and often act in a less than professional way. Now I understand that some who work in ministry are volunteer, so all the more reason I would think we want to do our best and give our best if it's for God. Anyway, I strongly recommend stopping by The Daily Saint-I'm sure there's something for you that will be beneficial!

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