Saturday, May 02, 2009

Want to $ave Lot$ of Ca$h????

I learned about this site through a good friend of mine who works for the Church / Ministry like me and has a few kids at home and is looking to save a few dollars. Well, it seems that you can save a lot more than a few dollars. Check out the website below for the details and hear how Melissa is making ends meet. She's been a good friend to me for years and the site id definitely worth a look!!
I walked into Safeway with $15 in catalinas, spent $1.40 in cash and walked out of Safeway with 66 items worth $186.51 and with $15.25 in catalinas in my wallet.Totaling my receipts since the Living Well promo began I have received $1340.90 worth of groceries. I have spent $37.42 out of pocket and still have $15.25 in catalinas to spend in the store. I also have received $18 in free gas on a gift card to BP gas stations. If you subtract the catalinas and free gas from my out of pocket expenses, it brings the actual total down to $4.17!

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