Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Union Catholic Senior Retreat

There is nothing quite like the Senior Retreat at UC. It's voluntary and about 65 seniors took advantage to be with there friends and committed faculty to and look back at their 4 years at UC and to look ahead at what lies before them. The fears that gripped them as incoming freshman were looked at and laughed at but some of those fears resurface as they leave UC to hopefully greener pastures.
One of the favorite activities was to look at favorite TV show freshman year and their favorite show senior year. Biggest fear as freshman and biggest fear now. Relationship with God as a freshman and where that relationship is now. As the students reflect on their lives and 4 years of High School it's good to see how much they've grown and to be a small part of their journey. Their enthusiasm, care for friends and faith is still inspiring after all these years.

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